Lunkerhunt Crasher Jig - Thumb #1
Lunkerhunt Crasher Jig - Thumb #2
Lunkerhunt Crasher Jig - Thumb #3


The Lunkerhunt Crasher Jig was designed with the saltwater angler in mind. It features a salt-resistant lead-free body built for extensive use and a long life. Excelling in saltwater conditions, the Crasher Jig has a unique flutter action that can be easily generated using a wide range of fishing techniques, including jigging, casting, speed reeling, and trolling. Every Crasher Jig features premium double-assist hooks to maximize hook-ups and landing ratios. Crasher Jigs are available in two sizes and 6 patterns.


  • CJ101 - Chrome Pink - Crasher Jig
  • CJ102 - Chrome Chartreuse - Crasher Jig
  • CJ103 - Mack - Crasher Jig
  • CJ104 - Silverside - Crasher Jig
  • CJ105 - Sassy - Crasher Jig
  • CJ106 - Shad - Crasher Jig


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