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Lunkerhunt Cut Bait Specifications


Lunkerhunt Cut Bait Jigs are designed for offshore, near shore, and inshore fishing. They are effective when fished from boat, kayak, reefs, piers, and wharfs. The Cut Bait Jig has a unique UV coating that helps fish visibly find the lure in a wide range of water conditions.

The Lunkerhunt Cut Bait Assist Jig combines the characteristics of both the Lunkerhunt Flutter Jig and the Lunkerhunt Needle Jig. It has a spearhead like shape with irregular facets that cause it to twist and flutter through the water while its elongated shape cause it to cut like a knife, diving and twisting to the intended fish catching depth.

All Lunkerhunt Assist Jigs work well with speed retrieves, lift and fall retrieves and traditional jigging techniques. They have been designed for saltwater fishing but also catch a wide range of freshwater species as well.


  • CBJ101 - Scales - Cut Bait Jig
  • CBJ102 - Cutter - Cut Bait Jig
  • CBJ103 - Peacock - Cut Bait Jig


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