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Leech Specifications


The Lunkerhunt Fetch is a professional grade swimbait that is designed for anglers of all skill levels. Developed collectively with fishing pro Matt Arey, this signature series bait will catch a wide range of fish.

The Fetch Swimbait casts far and has a neutral and steady action under fast or slow retrieve speeds. This enables it to stay in the strike zone longer, even at slow speeds. The Fetch resembles live bait and predator fish cannot resist it.


  • FTSWIM01 - Gizzard - Fetch
  • FTSWIM02 - Ghost - Fetch
  • FTSWIM03 - Threadfin - Fetch
  • FTSWIM04 - Common Shiner - Fetch
  • FTSWIM05 - Greenback - Fetch
  • FTSWIM06 - Perch - Fetch
  • FTSWIM07 - Tennesse Shad - Fetch
  • FTSWIM08 - Blue Gill - Fetch


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