Lunkerhunt First Ice Rods - Thumb #1
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The Lunkerhunt First Ice™ rod has a unique vertical blank technology that is extremely flexible, durable and ultra-sensitive. It features Lunkerhunt’s innovative Ice Flex Technology™. It has soft tips for detecting strikes and presenting baits naturally. In addition, it has the backbone to haul lunkers to the hole when needed.

First Ice Rods come in bright colors so they stand out during periods of low visibility, unlike other ice rods that tend to visibly blend into their surroundings.

Lunkerhunt First Ice Rods are available in two sizes. A 30-inch medium action, fluorescent yellow model and a 34-inch medium/heavy action model, in hunter orange.

They include a universal reel seat that is adjustable for proper weight balance. The reel seat can accommodate most reel styles.


  • FIR01 - Meadium Action - First Ice Rods
  • FIR02 - Medium/Heavy Action - First Ice Rods


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