Lunkerhunt Hatch Spin - Thumb #1
Lunkerhunt Hatch Spin - Thumb #2
Lunkerhunt Hatch Spin - Thumb #3
Lunkerhunt Hatch Natural Specifications


The Lunkerhunt Hatch Spin™ excels in heavy current, deep water, when fish are suspended and when long casts are required. The Hatch Spin™ has a subtle swimming action that will get you to the fish. The Hatch Spin is 2 inches in length, weighs 1 oz, and has a silver willow leaf tail blade. Its shad-imitating profile generates explosive strikes. Cast the Hatch Spin like an inline spinner or spinnerbait. Using the Hatch Spin alongside electronics can result in record setting days. Locate fish on your down scan and drop your Hatch Spin down to them. If necessary, yo-yo it a few times and hang on. The Hatch Spin’s realistic pattern and tail action will drive fish to strike. When they do, a sticky treble hook will help you land them.


  • HASP01 - Common Shiner - Hatch Spin
  • HASP02 - Rocky - Hatch Spin
  • HASP03 - Brown Trout - Hatch Spin
  • HASP04 - Bass - Hatch Spin
  • HASP05 - Blue Gill - Hatch Spin
  • HASP06 - Bream - Hatch Spin
  • HASP07 - Perch - Hatch Spin
  • HASP08 - Spawner - Hatch Spin
  • HASP09 - Smelt - Hatch Spin
  • HASP10 - Chum - Hatch Spin
  • HASP11 - Jack - Hatch Spin
  • HASP12 - Rainbow - Hatch Spin
  • HASP13 - White Bass - Hatch Spin
  • HASP14 - Threadfin - Hatch Spin
  • HASP15 - Gizzard Shad - Hatch Spin


Lunkerhunt Hatch Natural Lunkerhunt True Spin