Lunkerhunt Hog Grub - Thumb #1
Lunkerhunt Hog Grub - Thumb #2
Lunkerhunt Hog Grub - Thumb #3
Lunkerhunt Hog Grub Specifications


The Lunkerhunt Hog Grub™ catches big fish. Gamefish cannot resist the Hog Grub when it is fished around and over structure. The Hog Grub has a high profile body and a narrow width that enable anglers to cover a lot of water with it. The Hog Grub also has a small paddle tail that draws attention with limited movement.

The Hog Grub has been designed to be fished on a ball head, darter head, or mushroom head jig. It has been designed to be rigged like a traditional grub shape. Unlike traditional grubs, the design of the Lunkerhunt Hog Grub causes the body to become the primary target. Traditional grubs tend to short-strike and get their tails bit off as too much focus is generated on the tail. The Lunkerhunt Hog Grub improves from the traditional grub by presenting a bigger, meatier target which results in bigger fish and better hook ups.

The Hog Grub has thick ribs, soft texture and is impregnated with fish protein. When fish bite, they do not let go!


  • HG01 - Black - Hog Grub
  • HG02 - Smoke - Hog Grub
  • HG03 - Chartreuse - Hog Grub
  • HG04 - Black Blue Fleck - Hog Grub
  • HG05 - Brown Pumpkin - Hog Grub


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