Lunkerhunt Icy Glide - Thumb #1
Lunkerhunt Icy Glide - Thumb #2
Lunkerhunt Icy Glide - Thumb #3


The Lunkerhunt Icy Glide has a little bit of flash and a whole lot of fish-catching action. At 1-1/8 inches long and weighting 1/8 Oz, it is the perfect size for both panfish and gamefish species. Hard water anglers can glide it through the water column or pound silt with it to draw fish in. A single “cyclops” eye presents a bold target for fish to home in on, while bladed arms provide that subtle flash and vibration that drives fish crazy.

WEIGHT: 1/8oz


  • IG01 - Glow - Icy Glide
  • IG02 - Chartreuse Glow - Icy Glide
  • IG03 - Firetiger - Icy Glide
  • IG04 - Fluorescent Green Glow - Icy Glide
  • IG05 - Fluorescent Pink Glow - Icy Glide
  • IG06 - Fluorescent Orange Glow - Icy Glide


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