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Kraken - Crankbait Product Specifications


The Lunkerhunt Kraken series Crankbait runs to 8 feet and has a tight wobble that gamefish go crazy for. These crankbaits have a shad shaped profile that fish across the country cannot resist. Work it down to its maximum depth and run the Crankbait over the structure you are fishing. If you hit a snag, boulder, or other obstruction simply pause your retrieve and allow the crankbait to float. This will enable you to get past the obstruction and will often result in explosive strikes.


  • CBHB01 - Bringing Sexy (Shad) Back - Kraken Crankbait
  • CBHB02 - Turnt Orange - Kraken Crankbait
  • CBHB03 - Pyromaniac - Kraken Crankbait
  • CBHB04 - Gill-ty Pleasure - Kraken Crankbait
  • CBHB05 - Sunrise Bar Craw'l - Kraken Crankbait
  • CBHB06 - Knight Rider - Kraken Crankbait


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