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Kraken  - Jerkbait - Product Specs


The Lunkerhunt Kraken series Jerkbait incorporates all of the great characteristics of top performing jerkbaits. Measuring in at 3.75 inches and 1/2oz in weight the Kraken Jerkbait can be cast long distances. Its body shape has been designed to cover water and generate strikes. It has an erratic action in the water that drives fish crazy. It is particularly effective when fish are active and anglers are trying to get a reaction strike. It dives to a maximum depth of 6.5 feet, but at rest this lure floats making it more erratic than most jerkbaits. The buoyant nature of the Kraken Jerkbait also makes it great for working around cover like emerging weedbeds, rock and timber.


  • JBHB01 - Bringing Sexy (Shad) Back - Kraken Jerkbait
  • JBHB01 - Knight Rider - Kraken Jerkbait
  • JBHB01 - Make It Rain - Kraken Jerkbait
  • JBHB01 - Sea Sick - Kraken Jerkbait
  • JBHB01 - You're My Boy Blue - Kraken Jerkbait


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