Lunkerhunt Kraken Lipless - Thumb #1
Lunkerhunt Kraken Lipless - Thumb #2
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Kraken - Lipless Product Specifications


The Lunkerhunt Kraken Series Lipless Crankbait has two line tie settings that provide anglers with the ability to choose the action of their presentation. Tying to the front line tie will generate a tight natural swimming action. This makes for an effective search bait in clear water situations as well as when fish are cruising and suspended. Tying to the rear line tie will generate a nose down action and wider wobble. This setting is great for when fish are relating to cover and in dirty and dark water conditions. The nose down action will help the Kraken Lipless deflect off cover and the wide wobble will generate more noise. The vibration in the water will help predators locate the lure in dirty or dark water conditions. The rear line tie is also the setting anglers should use when vertical jigging.


  • PPHB01 - Bringing Sexy (Shad) Back - Kraken Lipless
  • PPHB01 - Turnt Orange - Kraken Lipless
  • PPHB01 - Pyromaniac - Kraken Lipless
  • PPHB01 - Knight Rider - Kraken Lipless
  • PPHB01 - You're My Boy Blue - Kraken Lipless


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