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Kraken - Square Bill Specifications


The Kraken Square Bill has a wide wobble that displaces water. This helps fish to zero in on the lure in dirty water and low light conditions where square bills often excel. Equally effective in clear water situations, the Kraken Square Bill’s compact shape was designed for high hook up percentages.

The Lunkerhunt Kraken Series shallow running Square Bill is 2 inches in length and weighs 1/4 oz.


  • SBHB01 - Bringing Sexy (Shad) Back - Kraken Square Bill
  • SBHB02 - Turnt Orange - Kraken Square Bill
  • SBHB03 - Pyromaniac - Kraken Square Bill
  • SBHB04 - Gill-ty Pleasure - Kraken Square Bill
  • SBHB05 - Sunrise Bar Craw'l - Kraken Square Bill
  • SBHB06 - Knight Rider - Kraken Square Bill


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