Lunkerhunt Lunker Bug - Thumb #1
Lunkerhunt Lunker Bug - Thumb #1
Lunkerhunt Lunker Bug - Thumb #3
Lunkerhunt Lunker Bug Specifications


Lunkerhunt Core Strength™ raises the bar on soft plastic technology. Core Strength allows for reinforcement around key joints and pivot points, providing lures with the freedom to maximize and enhance their action when fished through the water. Much like how rebar works in concrete, Core Strength Technology provides the strength to help your bait hold together and take hit after hit.

Lunkerhunt Core Strength™ reinforcement technology is found throughout the Lunker Bug™. There is a mylar skeleton within the lure that has special venting and engineering. Essentially it enables more action and creates a longer lifespan.

The Lunker Bug has been designed after the North American Water Bug, also known as the Giant Water Bug, a key forage of gamefish species. It can be fished on its own (either weighted or un-weighted) or can be used as a trailer.


  • LB01 - Pumpkin - Lunker Bug
  • LB02 - Black Blue - Lunker Bug
  • LB03 - Pearl Sparkle - Lunker Bug
  • LB04 - Black Red Fleck - Lunker Bug
  • LB05 - Green Pumpkin - Lunker Bug
  • LB06 - Watermelon - Lunker Bug


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