Lunkerhunt Mantle - Thumb #1
Lunkerhunt Mantle - Thumb #2
Lunkerhunt Mantle - Thumb #3


The Lunkerhunt Mantle is a one-of-a-kind pre-rigged squid/cuttlefish hybrid made to target inshore fish species. Featuring tantalizing tentacles, flowing fins, and natural colour patterns, the Mantle has a soft yet durable body that realistically mimics squid and cuttlefish in their natural environment when worked through the water column. A through-wire weight system rated for 50 pounds coupled with saltwater-ready double-assist hooks are at the business end of this innovation, which is especially effective when jigging, casting and trolling.


  • MPRS01 - Reef - Mantle
  • MPRS02 - Honey - Mantle
  • MPRS03 - Flash - Mantle
  • MPRS04 - Chum - Mantle
  • MPRS05 - Royal - Mantle
  • MPRS06 - Fresh Bait - Mantle
  • MPRS07 - Royal - Mantle
  • MPRS08 - Fresh Bait - Mantle


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