Lunkerhunt Big Eye - Thumb #1
Lunkerhunt Big Eye - Thumb #2
Lunkerhunt Big Eye - Thumb #3
Popping Bug Specifications


The Lunkerhunt Popping Bug floats high and is made of super tough TP Foam that gives it the durability needed to withstand hit after hit during punishing attacks. It pops and gurgles water on the pull, and drops on the pause, resulting in better hookup ratios. Rigged and ready for a fight with a 4/0 wide gap hook, the Popping Bug excels in both open water and the thickest of weeds.


  • PBUG01 - Frog - Popping Bug
  • PBUG02 - Timber - Popping Bug
  • PBUG03 - Ghost - Popping Bug
  • PBUG04 - Atomic - Popping Bug
  • PBUG05 - Charcoal - Popping Bug
  • PBUG06 - Texas Toad - Popping Bug


4.5 inch Swim Bento Lunkerhunt Dragonfly