Lunkerhunt Shakey Combo - Thumb #1
Lunkerhunt Shakey Combo - Thumb #2
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Lunkerhunt Shakey Combo Specifications


Lunkerhunt Shakey Combo™ have a uniquely engineered lead head that stands upright when fished along the bottom. They feature a high quality 4/0 razor sharp hook as well as a wire keeper to hold baits in place.

Custom Shakey Heads combined with Vacuum soft plastics put the fun back in fishing. They not only look good together, but also catch almost every gamefish that swims. When fish shut down the finesse characteristics, the Vacuum will catch fish when other baits will not.

The stand up design of the Custom Shakey Heads reduces snagging when fishing around structure. It lifts baits just off the bottom where most game fish species spend their time looking for food.

Custom Shakey Head Combo excels when a light touch is required. They are especially effective when finesse fishing structure and when fish are relating to the bottom or are not feeding aggressively.


  • SHAKC01 - Midnight + Black - Shakey Combo
  • SHAKC02 - Stone + White - Shakey Combo
  • SHAKC03 - Camo + Brown - Shakey Combo
  • SHAKC04 - Fox Trot + Green - Shakey Combo
  • SHAKC05 - Water + Black Blue - Shakey Combo
  • SHAKC06 - Tiger + Merthiolate - Shakey Combo


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