Lunkerhunt Shakey Head - Thumb #1
Lunkerhunt Shakey Head - Thumb #2
Lunkerhunt  Head - Thumb #3
Lunkerhunt Shakey Head Specifications


Custom Shakey Heads put the fun back into fishing. Their designs are not only fun, but also effective. Unique engineering combined with custom design create a stand up jig that is highly effective.

Lunkerhunt Custom Shakey Heads have a uniquely engineered lead head that stands upright when fished along the bottom. They feature a high quality 4/0 razor sharp hook as well as a wire keeper to hold baits in place.

The stand up design of the Custom Shakey Heads reduces snagging when fishing near structure. If the jig runs into structure, it will lift off the bottom by itself. Custom Shakey Heads excel when fishing for all species of gamefish. They are especially effective when finesse fishing near structure and when the fish are relatively near the bottom.


  • SHC01 - Midnight - Shakey Head
  • SHC02 - Stone - Shakey Head
  • SHC03 - Camo - Shakey Head
  • SHC04 - Fox Trot - Shakey Head
  • SHC05 - Water Camo - Shakey Head
  • SHC06 - Tiger - Shakey Head


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