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Lunkerhunt Swim Combo Specifications


The Lunkerhunt Swim Combo™ features the Custom Swim Heads and the Swim Fish. The Custom Swim Head and Swim Fish swim bait have been uniquely engineered and paired together to cover the entire water column in an efficient manner. Their bodies, paint patterns and high quality components flow together seamlessly.

The engineering and design of the Custom Swim Heads reduces snagging when covering water. Anglers can play with retrieve speeds to control the depth of their bait while covering a wide range of fishing conditions. Open water, weed edges, grass, pads, standing timber, and open water can all be covered effectively using the Lunkerhunt Custom Combo Swim Jigs combined with Swim Fish swim baits.

Custom Swim Head Combos are a great tool for covering water and triggering strikes.


  • CCSM01 - Skull + Black - Swim Combo
  • CCSM02 - Wings + White - Swim Combo
  • CCSM03 - Hot Rod + Chartreuse - Swim Combo
  • CCSM04 - Lucky 7 + Chartreuse - Swim Combo
  • CCSM05 - Pinstripe + Black Blue - Swim Combo
  • CCSM06 - Silver Wing + White Silver - Swim Combo


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