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Lunkerhunt Swim Head Specifications


Custom Swim Heads put the fun back into fishing. Their designs are not only fun, but also effective. Unique engineering combined with custom design create a swim jig that is highly effective. They feature a high quality, 60 degree, 4/0 razor sharp hook as well as a wire keeper to hold baits in place.

The engineering and design of the Custom Swim Heads reduces snagging when covering water. Anglers can play with retrieve speeds to control the depth of their bait while covering a wide range of fishing conditions. Open water, weed edges, grass, pads, and standing timber can be covered effectively with the Lunkerhunt Custom Swim Heads. Their designs help them slip through cover and catch the fish within it.

Custom Swim Heads are great for covering water and triggering strikes.


  • SWIMC01 - Skull - Swim Head
  • SWIMC02 - Wings - Swim Head
  • SWIMC03 - Hot Rod - Swim Head
  • SWIMC04 - Lucky 7 - Swim Head
  • SWIMC05 - Pinstripe - Swim Head
  • SWIMC06 - Silver Wing - Swim Head


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