Lunkerhunt Teary Jig - Thumb #1
Lunkerhunt Teary Jig - Thumb #2
Lunkerhunt Teary Jig - Thumb #3


When fishing through the ice it’s important to stay connected with your bait, and by proxy your catch! The Lunkerhunt Teary Jig features a unique tapered weight on its hook shank that allows it to pass through the water column with minimal resistance. The shape of the jig is designed to maximize the amount of available hook gap for rigging larger baits, which is important for stronger, more secure hooksets.

WEIGHT: 1/8oz


  • TJ01 - Glow - Teary Jig
  • TJ02 - Chartreuse Glow - Teary Jig
  • TJ03 - Firetiger - Teary Jig
  • TJ04 - Fluorescent Green Glow - Teary Jig
  • TJ05 - Fluorescent Pink Glow - Teary Jig
  • TJ06 - Fluorescent Orange Glow - Teary Jig


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