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Lunkerhunt Vacuum Specifications


The Lunkerhunt Vacuum™ gets its name from effectively catching a wide range of fish species in variety of fishing conditions. Its size, construction and action in the water have proven irresistible to all gamefish and panfish species.

The Vacuum measures 3.5 inches when relaxed and extends to 5 inches when moving. It is a finesse style worm with a curled tail. The ribbed torso of the Vacuum Worm has a soft natural texture. It is also scent-impregnated with fish protein. When fish bite, they do not let go.

The Vacuum has a subtle action in the water. The curled tail uncurls when retrieved and also on the fall. It creates a light ripple and movement that fish can hone in on. The Vacuum is most effective when a light natural touch is required and when the bite is tough.


  • VCUM01 - Black - Vacuum
  • VCUM02 - Smoke - Vacuum
  • VCUM03 - Brown Pumpkin - Vacuum
  • VCUM04 - Watermelon - Vacuum
  • VCUM05 - Black Blue Fleck - Vacuum
  • VCUM06 - Merthiolate - Vacuum


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